Small Business Insurance

Keller Insurance offers comprehensive and fairly priced coverage for general liability, property and equipment insurance, and special packages for small business owners.

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Business Insurance is designed to cover losses which jeopardize the day to day operation or financial stability of your business. There are many types of Business Insurance Policies including:


  • Commercial General Liability Insurance Policies – to cover any Payments & Legal Expenses associated with injuries or property damage resulting from accidents or negligence. This includes products / completed operations to address losses from any products you manufacture, or services you provide.
  • Professional Liability Insurance Policies – to cover any “Errors & Omissions”, malpractice, or negligence, in the provision of your Services.
  • Commercial Property Insurance Policies – to cover loss and damage of your Business Property, including: buildings, equipment, furniture, inventory, documents, and money.
  • Commercial Auto Policies – to cover losses and liabilities associated with the operation of cars and trucks titled and registered in the name of your business.
  • Home-Based Business Insurance Policies – to cover businesses operated out of your home. This exposure is typically excluded by your Homeowners Insurance Policy.
  • Employers Insurance Policies – include Workers Compensation (on the job injuries) and Statutory Disability (off the job injuries). Both of these policies are required by New York State when you have employees.
  • Employment Practices Liability (EPLI) – pays for discrimination, wrongful termination, sexual harassment, etc… These claims are not covered by “regular” commercial liability.
  • Directors & Officers Liability (D & O) – for actual or alleged wrongful acts committed by the directors and officers of a company or not for profit.
  • Bonds – We can write all types of bonds, including fidelity, surety, performance, etc.
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